Cloud Based Virtual Gallery



“Space Sandwich” XRay image of a piece of diamond. By Robbie Mackenzie – PhD student, Interface Analysis Center, School of Physics, University of Bristol. Featured in Groock’s Galley Continuing Exhibition.


‘Beyond the Virtual Woods’ – Groock’s Gallery is depecited in the background.


(Designed with 360 degree VR headset technology)

George Thom

There are many ways of accessing Groocks Gallery. The main methods of travel are via images and your mind.

The Instagram account groocksgallery has many images to access specific works.

If you wish to enter the cloud-based virtual world via keyboard and mouse, you can access it via this Blend4web player. – (please be aware this a very early BETA version created by myself, it works in Chrome for me right now, long loading times and also if the link doesn’t work try copying it into your web address bar in your browser, might solve a loading issue)

The above videos are also a way of entrance, especially with360 technology.

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