Groock’s Gallery – Free Entry

This portal allows you to enter Groock’s Gallery. The Gallery itself is virtual. We are still working on ways to allow physical beings to access the gallery so if you feel like your visit to Groock’s Gallery has not been as immersive as you’d like, check out the other portals such as the YouTube video on the homepage of this website. If you are still not immersed you may need to invest in VR technology.

The title of this show is “Free Entry”.

We have one artist in residence at the moment by the name of George Peter Thom. His work can also be viewed on this website and in the gallery itself.

These words are another portal into Groock’s Gallery. Groock’s Gallery is situated within an ancient Greek temple in a virtual universe. The temple was an apt location for Groock being a virtual entity himself. For more inquires please either speak to Groock on Facebook, email, or whatever means you have at your disposal. I shall now allow you to view the portals and I hope you have an interesting visit to Groock’s Gallery.

—Main Entrance—


You enter into The Lobby.

—The Lobby (Front):—


Centre piece: “Stair Scan V2” – more info on this website under a page with the same name.

Back 4 Images (Left to right).

(Room 1 is on your left, this is The Lobby)

“003 Not Even Real” a piece inspired by the virtual nature of death.

“008 Dream” a piece inspired by a dream

“097 Key Mythology Final” a piece from another universe where abstraction is key

“014 Vortex Jess” a piece about Jess Cox entering a vortex

(Room 2 is on your left, this is The Lobby)

—The Lobby (Back):—


You face back out the entrance way…

The Centre piece is the back of “Stair Scan V2”.

(Facing in this direction, Room 1 is on your right and Room 2 is on your left. This is The Lobby).

Two images in this direction.

Left: “051 Monolith Action Figure” a piece about ‘2001 Space Odyssey’.

Right: “Mirrors” a photography taken from orbit depicting the gallery and it’s surroundings.

Through the large entrance way you can see “The Dome of the Groock” said to house the one true Groock. You see a card on the reception desk:


You enter Room 1:

—Room 1 Front:—


On your right is The Lobby.

3 Images (Left to right).

“Untitled” A piece of internet imagery.

“Halo” A set piece from the video game Halo.

“023 Cube Viewing” A piece about the legend of The Cube.

You turn 180 degrees from this position:

—Room 1 Back:—


The Lobby is on your left.

3 Images (Left to right).

“064 Mooch” A piece about Mooch.

“072 Droid Party” A piece about the trails and tribulations of being a droid.

“066 Key Mythology Final” …

You walk back through the lobby to Room 2.

—Room 2 Front—


3 Images (Left to right).

The Lobby is on your left.

“098 Not Talking” A piece about human communication.

“093 Murdoch Corbyn” A piece about politics and the media.

“071 Hyper Desert” A piece about hyper-cubes and quantum physics.

You turn 180 degrees from your current position.

—Room 2 back:—


The Lobby is on your right.

3 Images (Left to right).

“057 Virtual Reality” self explanatory.

“040 Skull Cave” A piece about Death.

“015 Distort” A piece about the glitch.

As you leave the gallery you think about the work and wander about before finally leaving this virtual universe and go back to your daily reality…